A webinar report on Todos Somos Venezuela solidarity meeting in Caracas

Courtesy of Alliance for Global Justice.

This is an audio recording of the presentation by Nino Pagliccia who attended the solidarity meeting "Todos Somos Venezuela – Dialogo Mundial por la Paz, la Soberania y la Democracia Bolivariana" on September 16-19, 2017 in Caracas, Venezuela.

You can also link to the original source via Alliance for Global Justice

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Nino Pagliccia

NINO PAGLICCIA has two Master’s Degrees from Stanford University and is a retired researcher on Canada-Cuba collaborative projects at the University of British Columbia. He has published many peer-reviewed journal articles and has contributed chapters to books on topics about Cuba, the Cuban healthcare system and solidarity. He has been a long-time activist and has organized groups to do voluntary work in Cuba for almost 15 years.

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