New economic model for Cuba or a “new” Cuba?

New economic model for Cuba or a “new” Cuba?

Nino Pagliccia

I post this article from a blog in Cuba because I find it very interesting. Unless you are very familiar with Cuba, Cuban sentiments towards foreign interference and the real consequences of the blockade on Cuba, this article reads just like any of those commentaries that would appear in any blog about any country. 

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Venezuelan protesters “import” questionable tactics from Syria

Nino Pagliccia

I like to think that those Venezuelans who have been reported by Reuters (nonetheless) as coming to the rescue of injured people during the spate of violence in Venezuela are sincere in their intentions. [1]

However, the fact that they have adopted the donning of white helmets as a symbol of their “altruism” makes it all very suspicious. Are we witnessing the birth of the Venezuelan version of the White Helmets of Syria?

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My Take on it: The ideology of violence

Nino Pagliccia

When I observe violence through media outlets anywhere in the world I seem to notice that it often comes from a rightwing ideology (neoliberal, conservative, capitalist, imperialist, etc). Often It also comes from misguided groups without a real or acceptable ideology who practice violence for the sake of violence. By the way, that gives a bad name to anarchism because that's how those groups are labeled. Anarchism as I understand it has an ideology even if you don't agree with it.

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Solidarity in opposition to the neoliberal ideology

Nino Pagliccia

19 March 2017

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In a recent article titled “The Venezuela ‘Opposition’ We Never Hear About”, Canadian journalist and author Arnold August, wrote about the real nature of the “opposition” in Venezuela. [ ]

In the context of a meeting of delegates of the international Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Movements in Defense of Humanity in Caracas, August refers to one of the speakers, the Venezuelan deputy at the National Assembly, Hector Rodríguez, who is the leader of the minority pro-Chavismo group, fact that puts him effectively on the opposition – at least in a conventional sense.

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The mind-boggling audacity of some OAS members against Venezuela

Nino Pagliccia

26 March 2017

It is with great contempt that I question the report of March 14 by Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the Washington-based Organization of American States (OAS), accusing Venezuela of human rights abuses and of holding political prisoners, further demanding that Venezuela hold elections in 30 days.

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Latin America – Key player in a multipolar world

Latin America may not have the military clout, but it has three major assets needed to challenge the United States: political will, economic resources, and a key strategic position as the U.S. “backyard”.

Nino Pagliccia

The main focus of world politics is still on U.S. president Donald Trump and it will continue to be for a while in part due to his outspoken (at times unpredictable) personality, but mostly because he does happen to have his finger on the nuclear, financial and political trigger of the Empire. That finger may well set off what have already been called “Trumpquakes”. [1][2]

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Trump: A carrot for Americans and a stick for non-Americans

Nino Pagliccia

The U.S. has never mastered the art of coexistence and solidarity. Those are not words used in U.S. foreign policy. But those should be our bottom line words.

Americans in general and particularly American presidents historically have been quite nationalistic, and have projected that idea to what is known as U.S.-centered policies. Even if they did not say the words “America first”, as Trump has clearly spelled them out, all the actions of U.S. presidents have always put U.S. interests first – albeit their own vision of them – at the expense of many other nations. No one can doubt that on the face of the U.S. domination in the world.

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The need to understand foreign policy

Nino Pagliccia

From a progressive perspective we have great examples of what fair foreign policy could look like precisely from Latin America. Cuba has laid out a good model of foreign policy based on mutual respect and solidarity.




foreign-relations-imageWe need to understand foreign policy because I believe that foreign policy often determines domestic policy. I do recognize the importance of fighting on domestic issues, but in order to understand those issues we must understand where they come from. Domestic problems are usually a reflection of foreign policy.

Let me raise some questions without explanation in order to illustrate and stimulate independent thinking.

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My personal Fidel

by Nino Pagliccia


Cuba has always been about change. Never still, Cuban society is constantly searching to… revolutionize, to do things better, to do things differently with a keen sense of pride and independence. Two Canadian authors have captured that dynamism and reflected it in the titles of their books: "Cuba a Revolution in Motion" by Isaac Saney, and “Cuba and its Neighbours – A Democracy in Motion” by Arnold August.

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My take on it: International order

Here’s another twisted use of language that I keep hearing/reading: "International order”. What does that mean really? International is OK. We are internationalists. Order is OK. Who wants disorder? Put the two words together and suddenly the phrase acquires a different intended meaning. It does not sound all good. 

There is a suggestion that what we have is something that does not need change. All is taken care of if you just accept the status quo. Don’t rock the boat. 

However, we know better. Poverty and injustice are on the rise. Wars are creating devastation and death while enriching the warlords. Peace as a reality has become just a soundbite. What we have is “international disorder”! 

What we need is a united front of progressive thinkers and activists who will crumble the system from the top down.

[For more on the language of the Empire, check my article:]