“An insightful and valuable examination of the continuous relationship Canadian organizations have maintained in support of the Cuban socialist experiment, founded on unselfish, people to people experiences. Told through an impressive assembly of many of the most important organizers involved in the solidarity movement, this collection is an important contribution to understand the unbroken respect these nation-wide groups have for Cuban self-determination and its attempts to forge a new society.”

—-Keith Bolender, author of Cuba Under Siege and Voices From the Other Side: An Oral History of Terrorism Against Cuba

“Through a lively blend of personal accounts and scholarly analyses, different voices and experiences concur in telling the multifaceted story of Canadian solidarity toward revolutionary Cuba. This book is evidence of the ways people can connect despite their belonging to two contrasting systems.”

—Claude Morin, professor (retired) of Latin American history, Université de Montréal.

“This excellent work exposes the heart of solidarity. Pagliccia and the other authors clearly show that the relations Canadians have with Cubans go far beyond the beach. We are bound in the most intimate realms of friendship, solidarity, and, dare I say, ‘love’ of the belief that a better world free of hegemony is possible. This book provides a compelling example of alternatives to traditional diplomacy. The authors show that solidarity involves engagement and commitment that values friendship and love above pressure and force. In times of apparent hopelessness the importance of solidarity between people demonstrates a political force of hope and love that overcomes fear and despair.”

—Robert Huish, Dalhousie University 

“My recollections of Cuba and the Cuban people started as a young girl growing up in Grenada. In 1993 I chose to join the Canada-Cuba Parliamentary Group visiting Cuba for conversations with Cuban Parliamentarians and officials. This book is a reminder of why annually I show up at functions and activities of the Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association to show respect and love for the people of Cuba. The Essayists’ range of experiences, long-standing commitment and engagement with Cuba then and now deserves the attention of all Canadians.” 

—The Hon. Jean Augustine, Privy Council and Member of the Order of Canada