A Call For Activists To Mobilize

A Call For Activists To Mobilize For A National Conference To Fight For The Full Normalization Of Relations Between The United States And Cuba

Come To Fordham Law School In New York City March 25-26, 2017

More information about supporters, workshops and pre-registration form: here.

The Canadian Network on Cuba is co-organizing this conference.

Dear Friends of Cuba:

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Trump: A carrot for Americans and a stick for non-Americans

Nino Pagliccia

The U.S. has never mastered the art of coexistence and solidarity. Those are not words used in U.S. foreign policy. But those should be our bottom line words.

Americans in general and particularly American presidents historically have been quite nationalistic, and have projected that idea to what is known as U.S.-centered policies. Even if they did not say the words “America first”, as Trump has clearly spelled them out, all the actions of U.S. presidents have always put U.S. interests first – albeit their own vision of them – at the expense of many other nations. No one can doubt that on the face of the U.S. domination in the world.

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Fidel Castro speaks of January 1st, 1959 in his own words

Nino Pagliccia


This is the first anniversary of the Cuban Revolution when Fidel Castro is not with us physically. He passed away last 25 November at the age of 90. During nine days he has been officially honoured in Cuba with visits from dignitaries and world leaders who have remembered him for his many achievements for Cubans and for humanity. Around the world, including in Canada from coast to coast, millions have celebrated his life. Many still mourn him.

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Solidarity with Cuba in 2017 and beyond

Today, the movement is redefining its focus after a successful end to the long campaign to secure the release of the Cuban Five (Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, René González and Fernando González); an overwhelming victory for the island and its supporters.

Author:  | informacion@granma.cu

A year of intense work is how Kenia Serrano Puig, President of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) described 2016, while speaking to the national press in Havana in honor of the institution’s 56th anniversary, and the lead up to the anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution, on January 1.

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The End of Ideology in Cuba?

By Arnold August

In 1960, the American sociologist and academic Daniel Bell (1919-2011) published The End of Ideology. It became a classic book in official political science. The publication was listed by Times Literary Supplement as one of the 100 most influential non-fiction books in the second half of the 20th century.

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Fidel Castro: A champion of solidarity

Author:  | internet@granma.cu

We were witness to his vocation for solidarity, there following a natural disaster, an act of injustice, a people in need of healthcare, or youth desperate to study. He understood that poverty is eradicated through cooperation, not with bombs.

Source: http://en.granma.cu/cuba/2016-12-28/fidel-castro-a-champion-of-solidarity

Cuba sent internationalist combatants to protect the sovereignty and independence of Angola, as well as medical staff to provide services to the population. Pictured is a Cuban doctor in the Cabinda Hospital.Photo: Ricardo López 

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How old am I? Fifty-eight

For the 58th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution

Nino Pagliccia

After following many of the war tragedies that have happened and continue to happen during these last few days of 2016, I feel like I’m turning one thousand years old. Not in terms of chronological age, but in terms of accumulated weight of recurring histories of never-ending cravings and unfulfilled desires for power mostly from despotic governments and tyrants trampling on social justice – the fundamental value – that remains unachievable despite tireless popular resistance and rebellions.

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The need to understand foreign policy

Nino Pagliccia

From a progressive perspective we have great examples of what fair foreign policy could look like precisely from Latin America. Cuba has laid out a good model of foreign policy based on mutual respect and solidarity.




foreign-relations-imageWe need to understand foreign policy because I believe that foreign policy often determines domestic policy. I do recognize the importance of fighting on domestic issues, but in order to understand those issues we must understand where they come from. Domestic problems are usually a reflection of foreign policy.

Let me raise some questions without explanation in order to illustrate and stimulate independent thinking.

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My personal Fidel

by Nino Pagliccia


Cuba has always been about change. Never still, Cuban society is constantly searching to… revolutionize, to do things better, to do things differently with a keen sense of pride and independence. Two Canadian authors have captured that dynamism and reflected it in the titles of their books: "Cuba a Revolution in Motion" by Isaac Saney, and “Cuba and its Neighbours – A Democracy in Motion” by Arnold August.

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Fidel, today and forever

By Marta Harnecker 
marta-harnecker-y-fidel-castroTtranslated by Federico Fuentes

Source: Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal

Dear Fidel, I do not want to talk about you but rather talk to you, because you are still here among us and will be forever. 

I apologize for referring informally to you, but I feel so close to you that I need to do so. 

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