A Dream Deferred? The Right Wing Attack In Latin America

Nino Pagliccia

My talk given on 19 November 2016 for the World Peace Forum 2016 on Latin America.

"In this presentation I will first say a few words about the importance of foreign policy and the language used by the Empire in order to create what I call a virtual reality (a twisted reality). It is necessary to give a broad perspective before we “land” in Latin America.

Then I will give a quick review of events in Latin America.

The topic of the right wing attack on Latin America is quite extensive. I will focus on the case of Brazil and Venezuela to give a closer perspective.

Why Brazil and Venezuela? Simply, because Brazil is the latest case of a coup in Latin America, and it is representative of the new US tactic of aggression in Latin America; and Venezuela because it may well be the next in the crosshair of the United States, and we need to understand that.

I will conclude with my suggestions of what we can do as activists."

You can watch the full presentation here. Duration 1:09 including Q&A.

Thanks to Working TV